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My Pilot Log is one of the Simplest and Easy to Use Logbooks Around. Packed full of features such as Automatic Night Calculations, Smart Auto Fill, Signatures, Advanced Filtering, PDF Reports, Licence Tracking, the ability to add Unlimited Track Logs and Images, the list goes on. For all types of Pilots LAPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL. My Pilot Log is Multi-Platform and can be used on the WEB and with IOS & Android Apps.

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Add Flights and Sim Sessions Quickly and Easily

Add Flights & Sim Sessions With Automatic Night Calculation

Adding Flights is quick and easy, with no confusing options and My Pilot Logs smart fill features. If you choose you can quickly add Multiple Approaches, Cost, Track Logs and Unlimited Pictures as well as Signatures which are shown on PDF Reports. To suit everyones need you can choose to display your times in HHMM or Decimal

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Switch Between Table and List Views

The Table view will allow you to compare with you Physical Logbook. The Table view is highly customisable allowing you to pick from 30+ column options and displaying them in the order you want, as well as allowing you to change the number of logs per page which means you can accurately compare your running totals.

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Add Empty Rows

Your Physical Logbook is likley to have Empty Rows for multiple reasons. You can add these Empty Rows on My Pilot Logs Table View. This will allow you to truly replicate your Physical Logbook as the running totals will take these Empty rows into account. Empty rows are included in PDF reports.

Track Logs Image

Track Logs and Pictures

Add Track Logs which will displayed with an Interactive Map and Graph. Track Logs are accepted from most Navigational Platforms. You can also add multiple Images to flight from all your devices

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Adding Signatures is quick and easy and these will be included on any PDF Reports. You can add Signatures on the My Pilot Log Apps and Website

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All The Totals You Need

My Pilot Log allows you to easily keep track of all your Totals. From Different Flight Times to Aircraft Types, getting Totals for Job and Licencing applications is made quick and easy. You can also seperate, Aerobatic, Tailwheel and Microlight Times

Switch Between List View and Table View

Advanced Filtering

Filtering for those specific Senarios and Totals is made quick and easy with My Pilot Logs Advanced Filtering. You can pick multiple filters at once, and all filter options are relevant to you as they based on your Logbook entries.

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PDF Reports

Generate PDF Reports in Multiple formats which are accepted by many Avaition Authorities Worldwide. Generating the Last 2 or 3 pages... for job/ licencing applications is made quick and easy. EASA, FAA, UKCAA, CASA, TCCA, NZ CAA, ICAO Complient

Opening totals image

Opening Totals

If you have lots of flight, but don't want to individually add them, you can easily add your Opening Totals to quickly get started with My Pilot Log

Track Licence, Ratings and Medicals Image

Track Licences, Ratings and Medicals

Get notified in advance about your upcoming Expirations. If you choose, My Pilot Log will send you an Email Reminder 1 Month before any Expiry Date.

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Import and Export

You can easily Import your Flights which are in an Excel Format. You can send us your import file and we will test it and get it ready for Importing.

Supported Devices

Use On All Devices

My Pilot Log is Multiplatform and can be used on the Web and on Mobiles and Tablets with iOS and Android Apps. Whats more nearly all functionalities are available on all platforms and all data is instantly synced and available.

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Route Map

Visualize all your flights with Airport Information

Coming Soon

Statistics Graphs - Coming Soon

My Pilot Log already has lots of statistics. However if you like stats displayed on graphs, then soon this feature will here. Many different graphs will be available as well as being able to keep an eye on FTL for those frequent flyers. Stay tuned...

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Security, Backups and Support


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